Domestic Adoption

Domestic Adoption refers to adopting children in the United States. There are various ways to adopt in the US, including:

Agency Adoption

  • Potential match with a birth mother who came to LFCS for assistance in adoption
  • Complete services as described
  • Fees based on a sliding scale
  • View some of our Families Waiting to Adopt

Private or Independent Adoption

  • Potential match not made by LFCS
  • Services provided by request upon contract with LFCS

Relative or Kinship Adoption or Guardianship

  • Child may be in formal foster care, or the plan can be between relatives or kin
  • Home study required: requirements may be relaxed due to the relationship between the child and the caregiver
  • Subsidy may be available

Children from the Foster Care System

  • Children in formal foster care due to Abuse or Neglect
  • No fees associated with the adoption
  • Formal training is required by the state, called STARS and Spaulding
  • Subsidy may be available to assist with the cost incurred with the adoption
  • Here are profiles of some of our Children Waiting for Adoption


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