Children Waiting for Adoption


Ten year old Christopher enjoys cuddle time and being close to those he cares about.


David is a sweet six year old boy.  His infectious smile shows off his charming dimples. David has good eye contact and enjoys engaging with adults and other kids.  David can be silly, laughs easily, and revels in one-on-one attention.  David is independent and likes to try to do most everything himself or with only a little assistance.  He enjoys school and generally does well with instructions and activities. David wears glasses at school, but likes to have a break from them when at home.  You would never know from his slender frame that David has a great appetite and has never met a food he does not like!

David does have special needs and will require a patient and nurturing family that is committed to being his cheerleader, coach, and most importantly, his loving forever family.


Check out David in action on A Place to Call Home


For more information contact:

Christina Robb, Adoption Specialist

Good Shepherd Children & Family Services

314-854-5727 or Email Christina




Jahkaiya, who is affectionately called “Tweety” by those that know and love her, is an 8-year old female who is very outgoing and friendly. She loves music, dolls, and stuffed animals. She also loves to dance and eat. Her favorite restaurants are Chuck E. Cheese and Burger King because she loves the paper crowns she gets when she visits. This princess has never met a stranger and has to be reminded of “stranger danger.” Jahkaiya requires supervision due to her special needs; however, she doesn’t let that stop her. She is determined to achieve goals that are set for her and needs a loving, patient, and committed adoptive family who will help her reach her full potential. Jahkaiya is legally free for adoption.


Please contact Christina Robb at 314-854-5727 or for additional details.