More Adoption Information

Our committed staff are here to help guide you through the adoption process.  We strongly recommend meeting with one of our adoption professionals to learn more.  To set up a confidential consultation, contact us by email or call 866-326-LFCS (5327).


Looking for more information about adoption? Below are links to our most frequently requested materials.

Adoption Information Packet

Adoption Application

Our Commitment to Quality

Privacy Practices

Please contact your local office to inquire about adopting through LFCS or to schedule an appointment to discuss our services.

St. Louis:  Email Jenny Thomas or call 314-754-2807

Mid-Missouri:  Email Sarah Holtcamp or call 573-815-9955

Southeast:  Email Evelyn Beussink or call 573-334-5866

Southwest:  Email Tina Miller or all 417-862-1972