Adoption Application & Information

LFCS is a licensed and accredited agency able to provide services for both Domestic and Intercountry Adoption, including Hague countries.

Adoption services are available to Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents.

Our committed staff are here to help guide you through the process.  We strongly recommend meeting with one of our adoption professionals.  To set up a confidential consultation, contact us by email, or you can call 314-787-5100 or 866-326-LFCS (5327) but are able to provide information by email or telephone.

Adoption Application

Our Commitment to Quality                  Privacy Practices

Informational Meetings

Please contact your local office to inquire about International Adoptions, Domestic Adoptions, Adoptions for Children in State Custody, or to schedule an appointment to discuss our services.

St. Louis:  Email Jenny Thomas or call 314-754-2807

Mid-Missouri:  Email Sarah Holtcamp or call 573-815-9955

Southeast:  Email Evelyn Beussink or call 573-334-5866

Southwest:  Email Tina Miller or all 417-862-1972

The Adoption Process

We can provide information to individuals, couples, families or your community on

  • Types of adoption
  • Issues to consider in adoption
  • The life long process of adoption
  • Grief and loss in adoption

Assessment and Home Study Services

  • Complete and submit an Adoption Application
  • Application is reviewed
  • An adoption professional contacts you to discuss our program and the needs of your family
  • Upon acceptance into the LFCS program, an assessment process or home study begins, including:
    • Letters of reference
    • Police record check, child abuse/neglect screening
    • Medical statements
    • Autobiographical sketch of you and your family
    • Takes two to three months
    • Requires, a series of meetings with your family
    • Individual interviews with the adoptive parent(S)
    • A visit to your home

Approval to Adopt a Child – Waiting period for a child placement varies by:

  • type of adoption
  • openness to contact with the Birth Parents
  • understanding of and openness to a variety of legal processes
  • background factors of the child

Placement Support and Assistance – Including legal process:

  • Support and communication throughout the matching process
  • Possibility of meeting Birth Parents
  • Possibility of direct placement, based on the assessment process

Post Placement Services

  • Monthly contact provides support and supervision
  • Quarterly home visits until the adoption is finalized
  • Missouri law requires that the child be in your custody for six months before the adoption becomes final
  • LFCS requires at least monthly letters and pictures in addition to any openness contacts agreed to by the Adoptive and Birth Parents.

Post Adoption Services – Upon request and contract:

  • Search and Reunion services and support