CHOICES is a gender specific enrichment program, which targets girls ages 10-17, who are at-risk for early pregnancies, poor academic achievement and other at-risk challenges.

This program strives to help the girls grasp a better understanding of the importance of developing themselves in terms of their personalities, interests and inherent abilities, while enhancing their chances of success and happiness in their future career, in hopes of becoming more productive in the communities and daily lives.

The goal of the CHOICES Program is to target specific areas with prevention methods regarding:

  • healthy living
  • strategies for avoiding risky sexual behaviors
  • drug abuse prevention
  • poor academic achievement
  • violence, including dating abuse prevention
  • school drop-out
  • strengthen leadership potential
  • develop strong interpersonal, decision making, and social skills
  • career development

In addition, the program focuses on building healthier and stronger relationships between mother and daughter, as well as relationships among peers.

  • Other goals targeted are geared toward:
  • reduction in teen pregnancy and delinquency
  • prevent substance abuse
  • increase/promote academic achievement
  • increase promotion/graduation rates
  • increase levels of self-esteem
  • develop strong relationship building and leadership skills
  • develop goal setting/decision making/communication skills

To learn more about get CHOICES in your school, contact us at 314/787-5100 or 866/326-LFCS (5327).