Children Alive Learning Leadership (CALL) is a realistic and creative approach to the challenges faced by children, youth, and their families. It was developed to address the specific needs of youth and children facing multiple at-risk situations.

This program, which received national acclaim in 2003 from the Lutheran Services of America, focuses on the development and growth of healthy, productive children through regular group mentoring sessions with the youth complemented by proactive links with their families and their neighborhoods. Sessions focus on skills required to thrive within a global community.

The long-range goal is to provide participating youth with positive life skills and values that will enable them to succeed and be productive in a global world.

Working with young people between the ages of 6 and 17 years of age, staff and volunteers conduct activities, workshops and projects that focus on:

  • personal growth and development
  • urban environmentalism
  • community building
  • violence prevention, conflict resolution and personal safety
  • character building and values clarification
  • health, nutrition and hygiene
  • career develpoment and employment skills
  • bullying prevention

Regular group sessions are held after school at various sites in St. Louis City and County, with summer sessions at selected sites. Although each site serves different families facing diverse challenges, each program seeks to highlight:

  • quality programs for young people
  • opportunity for growth and experience
  • vision of a bright future for self, community and family
  • pride in self and community
  • achievement

To learn more about getting CALL in your school, contact us at 314/787-5100 or 866/326-LFCS (5327).