Our Youth Programs are designed to give school-aged kids in our community training and support that will help them reach their fullest potential.  We focus our efforts on academic achievement, leadership, personal and life skills, community involvement and much more.

Youth development is especially important for young people who have little or no support from their families, schools, and communities. These hard to reach and under served youth, who frequently report high risk behavior and often lack access to health services, include youth who:

  • come from low income households
  • are facing homelessness
  • are currently in foster care, group homes or residential treatment facilities
  • are dealing with substance abuse and addiction
  • have dropped out of school
  • are pregnant or parenting
  • are survivors of sexual, physical or emotional abuse
  • have mental or physical disabilities
  • are in the juvenile justice system

If you are interested in getting our Youth Programs into your school, email us to learn more.



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