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Adoption Search Information

May 2012

In Missouri, the information contained in adoption files is protected by law. The law specifies the process that is required to access any information contained in the file.
For an overview of the process, you may wish to look at the files in the following order:

1. Initial Inquiry letter – a general cover letter that we share with persons who are wanting to begin the process of accessing information from their adoption record.
Initial Inquiry Letter (pdf, 417.38KB)

2. 2012 Adoption Search Facts – provides a general overview of the search law in Missouri.
2012 Adoption Search Fact Sheet (pdf, 186.62KB)

3. Definitions of Identifying and Non-identifying Information -- offers more specific details on the types of information described in the statute.
Identifying and Non-identifying information (pdf, 398.35KB)

4. Request Form for Information from LFCS -- an easy to use format for initiating a request for information.
Request Form (pdf, 192.8KB)

5. Books To Read – resources to assist in the process of search and reunion.
Books to Read (pdf, 89.09KB)

6. Adoption Information Registry –MO: The state of Missouri has a registry for persons who have been adopted, birth parents and siblings, each of whom must  register for possible matches.

7. Notice of Privacy Practices – form spcific to LFCS to be submitted if you are requesting further assistance in the search and reunion process.
Notice of Privacy Practices (pdf, 527.14KB)

The Child Welfare Program at LFCS hopes that this will help in understanding the steps involved in the release of information from an adoption record.  Please give us a call if you have questions! We are here to help!

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