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St. Louis Office

St. Louis Office
Alan M. Erdman, President & CEO
8631 Delmar Blvd.
St. Louis, Missouri 63124
314-787-5100 or 1-866-326-LFCS
314-258-6169 24 Hour Pregnancy Services 
314-994-3472 Foundation Fax
314-754-2800 Counseling Fax
314-534-1588 Child Welfare Fax
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School Counseling and Disaster Response Departments - New Location!
1120 Olivette Executive Parkway, Suite 220
St. Louis, MO  63132
Jim Eckrich - 314/222-6780
Julie Bonebrake - 314/222-6779
John Pyron - 314/222-6781
314/222-6799 Fax

Beginning as an orphanage in 1868, the mission of LFCS was to protect and nurture children without a home. Today the agency continues the mission of helping families, children and individuals in Missouri experience greater hope and wholeness of life. The services provided by LFCS are open to everyone regardless of race, faith, national origin, gender, or age. Over 80% of the clients served are not of the Lutheran faith.

Services Offered

Wings Foster Care Adoption Services Community Services Counseling Advocacy Child Devleopment Centers Other Services Events

Child Welfare

Wings (Women In Need Growing Stronger) Program

  • Comprehensive pregnancy counseling to women and teens experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy; services are also available to family members.
  • Assistance with community resources that facilitate healthy parenting (medical care, day care, food, housing and utility assistance, etc.).
  • Support to complete educational goals and assistance securing employment and job training.
  • Aftercare services for birthparents, whether parenting or making an adoption plan.
  • Free counseling services to pregnant and parenting families.

Foster Care

  • Emergency foster care for children up to age 5 needing a stable, secure environment during a crisis.
  • Temporary foster care for parents needing time to make a permanent plan for the child. And for children awaiting adoption.

Adoption Services

  • Domestic infant placement and special needs placement, post placement counseling and supervision.
  • Home studies for international, independent, and relative adoptions, and for custody and guardianship placements.

Community Services

  • YOUTH MENTORING PROGRAM provides services to children 6 to 17 years of age and serves about 400 children and their families each year
  • DISASTER RESPONSE PROGRAM ensures that communities affected by floods and tornadoes statewide receive assistance.


  • Serves individuals experiencing a wide range of problems, including mental illness (especially depression and anxiety); marriage, family, and social relationship problems; mood/behavior disruption; difficulties with work/school; impaired functioning; problems with life satisfaction.


  • As part of our Mission, Lutheran Family & Children's Services is called to help families, children and individuals experience greater hope and wholeness of life...and LFCS Advocacy works to help achieve this goal by promoting public education and policy changes.

Child Development Centers

Both of the facilities listed below provide affordable, accessible, quality childcare, education and assistance to families, kindergarten readiness programs, summer programs for school age children.

Hilltop Child Development Center

  • Continues to be a viable resource for low-income families in North St. Louis and is one of only two accredited centers in the 63136 zip code area.
  • Is able to serve 108 children from two to five years of age.
  • Licensed by the Missouri Department of Health to provide child care, preschool, and after school services to 108 children, ages two to five years of age and accredited by the Missouri Accreditation of Early Childhood Programs and Council on Accreditation.

Click here to email Hilltop Child Development Center

    Other Services
  • Speakers are available for presentations to churches, service groups, and organizations about the services provided in the St. Louis Missouri region.


Click here to learn more about events benefiting the St. Louis region.

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