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Make a Missouri Tax Credit Gift

Tax Credit Donors Can Receive Up to 75% Back in Tax Relief

Did you know that you can make your charitable dollars stretch farther by using Missouri state tax credits for contributions to LFCS? These tax credits are given for donations of $500 or more to help fund LFCS’ Hilltop Child Development Center, and crisis pregnancy counseling. Donors can end up receiving up to 75 percent back in the form of tax relief. Benefits vary depending on your tax bracket, so please see your tax advisor to learn how tax credits will work for you.

Missouri tax credits are easy to use. Eligible donors receive a state income tax credit for 50% of the value of a donation made to LFCS. For example, if you make a $1,000 gift to the LFCS tax credit program, your net cost in the following illustration would be only $300.

For a $1,000 cash gift to LFCS using tax credits:

Missouri Tax Credit (50% of gift) -$500
Federal Income Tax Deduction (28%) -$280
State Income Tax Deduction (6%) -$ 60
Federal Tax on State Savings +$140
Net cost to you $300

Example is for someone in a 28% federal tax bracket. Consult your tax advisor to see how the credits will work for you.

PRC tax credits can be used by any individual with Missouri tax liability. All businesses, corporations, individuals owning rental property or shares in an S-corp, farm operations, financial institutions, insurance companies and sole proprietorships qualify for NAP tax credits.  Any unclaimed credits can be carried forward for five years. Gifts can be made in cash or through the transfer of stocks, bonds or property.

Please consider making a tax credit gift to LFCS and help continue this priceless investment in Missouri’s children and families. These programs offer an opportunity for individuals, businesses, state government and LFCS to work together on behalf of our community. For more information, call Carrie Hequembourg at 314-754-2789 or send us an e-mail.

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