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Proud Member of the United Way

As a committed member of this community, LFCS continuously strives to improve our services for you.

One way we do this is to work closely with United Way’s throughout Missouri. LFCS is one of nearly 200 United Way-funded agencies. Additionally, LFCS was one of the original 40 founding member agencies of the Community Fund, currently known as the United Way and has received funding since in 1922.

Aside from receiving that yearly funding from United Way, being a United Way-funded agency means so much more. We’re required to uphold what are known as quality standards, we are offered management trainings, we are kept abreast of great offers from United Way and its partners, we are part of an infrastructure that works together, and so much more.

Quality Standards were developed to help any not-for-profit know if they are on track to being a good, solid, well-performing agency. The standards are broken down into the four performance areas of finance, administration, programs and governance.

As a United Way-funded agency we are reviewed annually and the quality standards play an important role in that process. During the assessment, a team of volunteers visits our agency and learns how we’re upholding the standards. It’s an important evaluation and one that helps us grow and be a better agency for everyone we serve.

“These standards have helped our agency tremendously," said Alan M. Erdman, President/CEO of LFCS. “We take our commitment towards serving the community and to being a United Way-funded agency seriously. We strive to bring our clients the best services we can, and with United Way’s support and network, the future of LFCS is brighter than ever before."

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