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Message From The President

LFCS is a statewide organization providing counseling, adoption, crisis pregnancy assistance, foster care, child care, youth mentoring services and disaster relief services, reaching out to more than 22,000 individuals and families annually. LFCS is also a strong advocate for Missouri’s vulnerable families and works to improve the state and federal policies that affect them.

Message From the President

Rev. Alan M. Erdman

Thank you for visiting the LFCS website.  We've made this site with you in mind.  On our site you will find information on all of our programs and services.  Maybe you are considering adoption or thinking about becoming a foster parent.  Or perhaps you are dealing with an unexpected pregnancy or know someone who might need crisis pregnancy services.

You may be in need of couples counseling or maybe you heard about our services for seniors in our southeast region.  Take a few minutes to look through the pages of our Programs and Services tab.  Or you can call or email our offices and we can connect you with the right person to assist you.

Perhaps you have come to the site because you are considering making a financial contribution to support our mission.  Click on 'How You Can Help' and learn about the many ways you can help. 

In addition to important information on the services we provide, you will find much more information on a variety of topics while visiting -- event information, ways you can get involved as a volunteer, job opportunities and much more.

At LFCS we care.  We care about the women, children and families who live in Missouri and who we serve each day.  And we care about providing them with the programs and services they need.

Please stay awhile and look around!  We are here for you.  And together we make a difference.

Peace and Blessings,

Rev. Alan M. Erdman

~Hope is the promise that tomorrow can be better than today

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